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Trust me, you’re not a graphic designer (access required)

When it comes to establishing, maintaining and preserving your brand, connecting with a professional graphic designer will be money well spent.


  1. Thank you for touching on this. In today’s world of crowdsourcing and ubiquitous design software, designers have to remind the public of the value in our services. More importantly, good designers are also adept problem solvers and big thinkers, providing much more than just a snazzy publication or logo.

  2. Excellent article. As I always say, “Do you want me to come over there and draw your blood? I didn’t think so.”

  3. Great article, a couple of other things to consider and hopefully steer away from “Doing it yourself” and possibly making a big blunder:

    1) Poor design can actually turn people away from your message, no matter how great your cause, or how wonderful your product!

    2) Incorrectly set up design can actually end up costing you more to print (Did you budget for prepress to rebuild your microsoft word/publisher/free design software document in an application suitable for professional printing?)

    A bit of an investment can turn your great idea into something better!

  4. You are so right, Mary Ann. We could also add website designer, and so many other important marketing tasks in this discussion as well. I always tell my clients that the most important initial investment any business can make is in logo development and other branding collateral.

    I would also add that for many businesses the money needed for professional design may already be in their existing budget.Taking a deep dig into the budget can often result in finding a line item that hasn’t been used or is for a service that hasn’t been producing bottom line results. Re-allocating part or all of the under-used funds can be the easy fix until you can add a realistic marketing number to your budget.

  5. Great points! Thanks so much for the great discussion! We agree that professional graphic design is an investment worth making that will pay off tremendously!