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Prosecution rebuts defense in WikiLeaks case

FORT MEADE — A former supervisor of Pfc. Bradley Manning says he told her before they went to Iraq that the American flag meant nothing to him and he had no allegiance to his country.

Jihrleah Showman testified in Manning’s court-martial Friday that it was then she suspected he was a spy.

But defense attorney David Coombs said Showman made up the conversation. He suggested she didn’t like Manning because he was gay. Showman acknowledged she had called him “faggotty.”

Coombs said Showman never documented the disloyalty allegation, even though she wrote up reports on Manning’s smoking and drinking too much caffeine.

Manning gave loads of U.S. government secrets to the WikiLeaks anti-secrecy site.

Prosecutors are trying to prove that he did so because he was disloyal to his country.