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ABA moves back law school graduate employment survey

law schoolThe American Bar Association wrapped up its annual meeting Tuesday in San Francisco. During the meeting, the ABA’s legal education section voted to change the graduation employment reports to 10 months out of law school from nine months.

The change was requested by law deans in California and New York who said “delayed bar exam results and admissions in their states put them at a disadvantage in jobs reporting,” according to the National Law Journal.

The measure was passed by only one vote and the controversy has already begun. (The new rule will go into effect for the Class of 2014.)
Above the Law has more from critics of the decision. It steps back from the vote to look at the bigger picture:

We are living through a crisis in legal education. Tuition is skyrocketing, people can’t get jobs, law school applications are cratering. And here the regulating body for American legal education has responded by changing the reporting date for entry-level employment from February 15th to March 15th.

What do you think about the ABA’s decision?