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On staying organized

highlightingOne of my biggest challenges at work is just staying organized.

Since I am still in the newbie phase at my new job, I am still in the process of developing some semblance of an organizational system. I feel like it is easy at first to organize yourself in a new job, especially when you go in with the best of intentions to stay organized. (I had big plans to stay on top of things). But once things start to get going, it can be more difficult to keep up with the organizational system you originally had planned.

I am not the person who did color-coded highlighting in law school. For me, my focus (to the extent that I can stay focused) has been on the task at hand and then I let everything else besides that task kind of just be what it will be until I’m done. While this works sometimes and can be good in a pinch when I really need to get something done, it can also leave me disorganized.

Part of the battle is just determining what organizational system will work best. It all depends upon your office and your work habits. I’ve found that I don’t need to do color coding or make labels but I do need to have some sort of method to the madness. Even a non-system system helps, as long as I have a decent idea of where things are and can communicate to my coworkers that things are good.

One thing that I’ve started to do (and am really, really going to try to keep up) is taking a few minutes each day, whether between tasks or when I’m having trouble on a project, to organize myself. It’s made life a lot easier so far, and helps me feel less stressed. (It also really helps with keeping track of time for the dreaded timesheets.)

There’s a lot of benefits to staying organized, such as helping you concentrate and reduce stress. It can even help if you have to suddenly take a day off.

In theory, being organized can help prevent those unnecessary calls from the office on your precious days off. It is so much easier for co-workers to figure out questions they would have asked you if you were in the office if you are organized. It also makes it easier for them to pick up the slack if need be while you’re gone.

Do you take time every day to organize yourself, or is it a challenge for you, too?