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Eye Opener: Young nixes gubernatorial bid

Frederick County Commissioners President Blaine R. Young (Photo: Maryland State Archives)

Here’s a few government and politics headlines for Monday:

One comment

  1. Blaine’s motto of the people’s veto pretty much sums up his future candidacy for everything. “No!” is not a public policy for any part of the political spectrum. Eventually, just saying no will catch up to Blaine.

    It’s really a shame about Mr. Young. He’s actually quite intelligent but much as a junkie cannot stay away from the next fix, Blaine can’t resist trumpeting the paranoia and synicism of the Tea Party. Given the choice between convincing people about a conservative approach to government, he has to go with scintillating and very stupid approach of bashing non-existent threats to the body politique (such as illegal aliens, voter fraud, and the like). His good ole boy radio show plays to a handful of, well, good ole boys, but it just fades on everyone else.

    To seemingly prove that point, he raised a decent amount of money ‘running’ for Governor only to turn around and spend it to run for Frederick County’s initial County Executive seat.

    He’ll no doubt be successful in the effort but the smart money is on the fact that he’ll crash and burn on future non- issue he hears about on talk radio.