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Maryland legislators earn better-than-average money

moneyMembers of the Maryland General Assembly earn more than your average state lawmaker, but they’re not exactly diving into vaults full of state money when they go home.

The 188 legislators that meet for 90 days each year in Annapolis earn a salaryof $43,500 a year, according to a Washington Post report that cites data from the National Conference of State Legislatures.

That makes Maryland lawmakers the 13th-highest paid in the nation. Compare that to $90,526 for for the best-paid legislators in California and $0 for members of the New Mexico Legislature. (Lawmakers in New Mexico do receive a per diem.)

Most legislators are part-time and are able to hold down other jobs throughout the parts of the year when they’re not required to be in session. Maryland lawmakers are, for example, lawyers, school teachers, college professors and small business owners the other 275 days out of the year.