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Two lawyers under one roof

Michael Tucker Jill EikenberryI met my fiancée in law school. We were both 2Ls and she had switched from the night program to go full-time, so we didn’t meet until second year. Initially attracted to her having a car and living in the same neighborhood so she could drive me home after class, we became friends and drinking buddies and eventually found ourselves dating.

The other day I saw a Buzzfeed post (I know, I’ve been trying to stay away) on Type-A personalities. Surprise! Shockingly, my best friend and I have a lot of the same, shall we say, eccentricities. Obviously we know this and are regularly impressed with ourselves that we haven’t killed each other.

I am starting to see this all become more apparent as we begin planning for wedding events. Take buying a ring, for instance. Most of my friends either went into a store and picked something out in 10 minutes or asked straight-out what their significant other liked and went and bought that.

Not Mr. Type-A Lawyer. I spent days researching how to buy a diamond (a somewhat intricate yet very enjoyable process for us crazy people), learning how to get the most value out of what resources I had while giving her something she’d love (she did, I am happy to report).

At home, everything is a competition. We play (note, “play,” not “watch” – we have scorecards that we break out on occasion) “Jeopardy!” almost nightly and our parents are wary of playing board games such as Scrabble with us. Aside from getting engaged, the discovery of Settlers of Catan was the most fun thing that happened on our recent vacation with her family. I know this sounds a little nuts and I may be exaggerating just a little (though really I’m not) but we are always aware of our craziness and able to stand back and laugh at ourselves.

I know this post isn’t work-related, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, not everything should be. I figure at the very least my peers reading will enjoy the above link. But aside from being happy that my fiancée and I found each other and saved the rest of the population from being subjected to dating either one of us, do any of our fellow Generation JDers out there share this experience?