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At Ikea, snooze you can use

ikeaHave you ever strolled through the Ikea in White Marsh or College Park, looked at a model bedroom and thought about how it looks so comfortable and wouldn’t it be a great place to lie down for a little nap?

If you were in China, apparently that’s just what you might do.

At the Beijing store, the South China Morning Post describes the scene like this: “The bedroom and living room sections on the store’s third floor are the most popular. Virtually every surface is occupied by visitors appearing very much at home. Older people read newspapers or drink tea; younger visitors cuddle or play with their phones. Most, however, are sound asleep. … Almost all the beds have people sprawled on them, or tucked in under colorful duvets, their shoes kicked off on the floor.”

Many visitors probably were seeking cool, air-conditioned relief from a smoggy heat wave enveloping the city. And Ikea seems to be patient, mindful of how important the China market could be to the company.

“We welcome anyone to visit our stores,” a spokeswoman told the Post. “Today’s visitor could very well be tomorrow’s customer.”