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City settles assault claim for $95K

City settles assault claim for $95K

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The Baltimore Board of Estimates has approved a $95,000 settlement with a city man who claimed police officers chased and assaulted him without probable cause.

Dillon E. Brown suffered at least one fractured rib during the altercation in October 2011 near Collington Square Park, according to court documents.

Brown sought $2.5 million in his lawsuit, which was originally filed in Baltimore City Circuit Court in June 2012. The two sides reached a settlement in August 2013, according to court records.

Brown was walking along the 1400 block of Patterson Park Avenue about 11 p.m. when an unmarked police vehicle stopped beside him, according to an amended complaint. Four officers exited the car and began to chase Brown “for no stated reason,” according to the complaint.

According a defense motion for summary judgment, police noticed Brown “concealing something in his jacket,” and he had a “look of fear and surprise” when he noticed the officers.

Brown unsuccessfully attempted to throw a small bag of marijuana in his pocket over a fence during the pursuit, according to the motion.

Brown claimed police “suddenly and without warning” threw him to the ground and kicked and kneed him, along with verbally assaulting him. Brown also claimed an officer threatened to raid Brown’s house if Brown did not provide information on guns and drugs in the neighborhood by a certain time the next day, according to court documents.

According to the defense motion, police instructed Brown to go to the ground and asked where his gun was after he had adjusted his waistband before running. Police also sat him up after two minutes and helped him with asthma medication, according to the motion.

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