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Judge denies injunction in Va. voter lawsuit

Associated Press//October 18, 2013

Judge denies injunction in Va. voter lawsuit

By Associated Press

//October 18, 2013

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A federal judge has rejected a request from Virginia Democrats who want the State Board of Elections to reinstate nearly 40,000 voters who were recently purged from the voter rolls.

County officials conducted the purge recently on orders from the state, based on evidence that the voters had subsequently registered in other states.

But the Democratic Party of Virginia says the list used to conduct the purge was riddled with errors and different standards were applied by different counties.

Elections officials say they conducted the purge carefully and that it was necessary to prevent ineligible voters from casting ballots.

At a hearing Friday, Judge Claude Hilton said he believes the state conducted he purge uniformly. He also said anyone wrongly purged could cast a provisional ballot.

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