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Unfairly overdone or true fair fare?

oreos_and_reese_peanut_butter_cup_largeA suggestion — no, a plea — to the folks at the Maryland State Fair. Next year, invite Miss Debbie’s Specialty Apples of Benson, N.C., to be a vendor. Either that, or get somebody in Timonium to copy Miss Debbie’s fair special delicacy.

We’re not sure what it’s officially called — though the vendor did refer to it as a “double doozy” — but the concoction goes like this: two caramel apples, dipped in chocolate, covered with candy with a Ding Dong on top.

Vendor David Booth said (via the Raleigh News & Observer): “I told [his wife], ‘We need a new item — how about a double doozy?’ It’s never been done. Nobody’s ever seen two caramel apples on a stick.”

Plus, there is the nutritional component.

“Yeah, it’s got candy on it, it’s got caramel,” Booth said, “but it’s got an apple.”

By the way, the pictured item from Miss Debbie’s website isn’t the “double doozy” but instead an Oreo and Reese’s combo.