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The Future Social Network: Google+ (access required)

There are a number of elements that make Google+ a strong contender to become the premier social network.


  1. I am betting on G+ in the long run becuase its layered on a number of very successful products that don’t require other users to be valuable. For instance, if you don’t know anyone using Facebook, there is no reason to be on there. So its value is entirely tied up on the fact that other users are using it. If something better comes along Facebook could be wiped out rather quickly.

    Now compare that to Google’s assortment of very successful products. You don’t need your friends using Gmail to get value from it. Same for Chrome. Same for Drive, Docs, Android, Maps, and Youtube. Thus G+ as a stand alone social network would likely not have a change, but as a social layer across all those products that have independent value, I can’t see it going anywhere and thus G+ will likely win the war of attrition over the long haul.

    I guess time will tell. G+ is only 2 years old. Keep in mind Facebook took even 4 years just to catch Myspace. I am guessing if G+ is going to win it will play out over the next 3 to 5 years.

  2. Google+ at two years old is currently the size of Facebook at six. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Google+ match Facebook’s current (9 years old) 1.1 billion monthly users some time next year and, unless something changes significantly, Google+ will likely grow larger than Facebook some time in 2015.

    I don’t think it will be ‘the next Facebook’ because it was never intended to be Facebook. Facebook will continue to be the leading ‘Facebook’… it just won’t be as popular as it was in the past. Google+ will pick up some of that activity, but it will continue to be primarily used for things Facebook never did particularly well (e.g. private sharing, hangouts, photos, discussion communities, et cetera).

    Google+ is going to beat Facebook by NOT being Facebook. Facebook changed culture with its ‘share everything you do with everyone in the world’ concept… and now Google+ is changing the culture again by replacing that with its, ‘share what you want with the people you want’ structure. Facebook exhibitionism is declining and Google+ is replacing that with targetted sharing and communication.