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Bongino: End Republican on Republican Campaign Violence

Dan Bongino, a Republican candidate for House of Representatives issued a statement Tuesday night calling for an end to “parochial spats developing amongst a limited number of campaign staffs” within his own party.

“It’s time for us to put the games and the nonsense aside and focus on the real fight,” Bongino wrote on his campaign Facebook page Monday night.

“The likely nominees for office on the Democratic side will be flush with campaign cash, aided by an accommodating media and, in the case of Democratic candidate for Governor Anthony Brown, operatives from the Obama campaign,” Bongino wrote.

Bongino, who is running in the state’s 6th Congressional District, did not offer specifics on the actions or campaigns that prompted his statement. He was not immediately available for comment.

“I respectfully request that the remaining candidates on our Party team do the same and start to prune their campaign trees of people who alienate rather than unite,” Bongino wrote.