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In-House Interrogatory

MERGETo merge or not to merge. That is the question.

The Wall Street Journal talked to general counsels at big companies about what they think about BigLaw firms merging to form even bigger megafirms.

Most were not convinced.

Some told the WSJ that the “consolidation craze leaves them cold” and others stressed that they hire based on individual reputation, not the size of the firm.  Other in-house counsels said bigger is not always better and that large firms sometimes decrease efficiency and increase legal bills.

Here’s our question for you:

As a general counsel, what do you think of large firms merging into even larger firms?

Leave a comment below or email me.

Need to Know:

  • CBS Corp.’s general counsel is retiring.
  • Edinburgh University will appoint its first head of legal services.
  • Less than half of Chinese lawyers have voting power on their companies’ boards.
  • Lloyds Banking Group’s in-house legal department is undergoing changes.
  • HM Revenue & Customs has appointed a new general counsel.

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