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My Personal CLE

A stack of magazines lay on my nightstand next to my bed. A similar stack remains hidden at the bottom of the inbox on my desk at the office. A couple of magazines rest comfortably in my briefcase, some dating back several months.  And while I always seem to find time to read the latest edition of Runner’s World or ESPN The Magazine, the law-related publications usually fall to the bottom of the pile. Honestly, at the end of a long day of work, do you really want to relax and read an article on the effect of the economic loss doctrine on claims arising from a construction project? (If you do, you probably can stop reading this blog post).

AgostiniIt seems as if I get a new law-related magazine in the mail every couple of days. Add this to the daily delivery of The Daily Record and newsletters, both physical and electronic, from various bar associations and trade groups, and the amount of information and documentation is simply staggering.

As part of my continuing legal education as an attorney, I have resolved to read the law-related magazines.  On a recent trip, in lieu of spending time on my iPhone playing a mindless (but thoroughly addictive) game, I grabbed a stack of magazines and plunged in.  I found an article in The Maryland Bar Journal related to a wage claim case I was handling.  An article dealing with grey areas in construction contracting in The Construction Lawyer – Journal of the ABA Forum on the Construction Industry discussed an issue that I am facing in another case. The latest issue of Law Practice Management centered on business development for associates and partners.

Keeping abreast of the latest legal or legislative updates or trends in the practice of law requires diligence and commitment. It is also necessary. For me, I have taken to scanning articles related to my issues and including them in my case file (and for inclusion in my own personal law library). And when I finally get caught up with the backlog, I will work to review and digest this information in a timely manner.