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Mizeur’s pot for tots plan doesn’t add up

Mizeur’s pot for tots plan doesn’t add up

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Del. Heather Mizeur
Del. Heather Mizeur

Marylanders would have to smoke a lot of pot in order to pay for full implementation of a preschool education plan proposed by Del. Heather Mizeur.

But the plan proposed by the Democratic candidate for governor would face a (dare we say it) chronic shortfall beginning in the fourth year.

Under Mizeur’s legalization proposal, adults 21 or older could purchase up to one ounce per day and would be able to smoke it at home. Public use would remain illegal, as would driving under the influence of the drug.

The Montgomery County Democrat said the state could expect to generate $122.5 to $157.5 million once marijuana is legalized and taxed in the state. That money would be used to pay for a preschool education plan phased in over four years at a cost of $279.1 million.

“It’s a pipe dream,” said Del. Ron George, R-Anne Arundel and a candidate for governor. “There’s not going to be a market.”

Read more about the Mizeur’s pot plan and the costs of her preschool proposal. [Subscriber access.]

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