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Duke Energy to pay $1M to Feds for eagles killed at wind farms

WASHINGTON — For the first time, the Obama administration is taking action against wind farms for killing eagles.

In a settlement announced Friday, Duke Energy will pay $1 million for killing 14 golden eagles over the past three years at two Wyoming wind farms. The company says it pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

The case is a first to be prosecuted under that law for a wind company by the Obama administration, which has been a champion of pollution-free wind power.

Eagles act like texting drivers when they search for prey and slam into massive turbines.

A study by federal biologists this year found that wind energy facilities in 10 states had killed at least 67 golden and bald eagles since 2008.


  1. It’s not just a few eagles that wind farms are killing; it’s an estimated 573,000 birds that are killed by wind farms in the US each year that should be bothering. I know the Obama administration is pushing renewable energy, b but allowing companies that kill birds to operate with virtual impunity (really, do you think Duke Energy cares about a $1 million fine?) is not the way to go about fighting climate change.

  2. Please tell the public how to challenge the rising “dictatorship” where policies can simply be changed without any oversight. The loss of policies that keep LIFE of ALL SPECIES is “1984” in our present.