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Would you like fries with your getaway car?

Burger-King-Chicken-SandwichWe posted a story earlier Tuesday about a Baltimore man sentenced to more than 15 years in prison for being the getaway driver in 22 armed robberies.

Rico Bias, 34, conspired with two other men to rob mostly convenience stores and fast-food restaurants between January and June 2012, according to the plea agreement signed in February.

In most of the robberies, Bias drove a Ford Windstar minivan. In at least one robbery, he rented a Zipcar.

And in another robbery, this one of a Burger King, Bias did more than drive, according to the plea agreement:

Prior to [co-defendant Hatratico] Smith entering the Burger King, the defendant entered and checked to make sure the robbery could occur. Bias purchased two chicken sandwiches while he checked for Smith to commit the robbery.

Hatratico Smith, who committed the robberies, pleaded guilty in September and faces life imprisonment when he is sentenced in January. (Smith used a gun to commit the robberies, in one incident wounding a convenience store customer.)

A third accomplice, Monzell Lee, was sentenced in May to nine years in prison.