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A Barrister’s Carol

Act I

[Attorneys are attending a Lexis Nexis presentation in the conference room of a prestigious law firm in Baltimore City.]

Lexis Representative:  Thank you all for attending this presentation, be sure to take a thumb drive. Merry Christmas!

[Senior associate, Gill, leaves meeting, returns to office and shuts the door.]

Gill: [out loud to himself] Lexis representative comes to do a presentation and wishes Merry Christmas? Bah humbug! What’s Christmas time but a push to close transactions before the year’s end.  All sorts of holiday events going on, and I am stuck in the office for long hours.

[Gill approaches his secretary, who is typing furiously at her desk.]

Gill: Ann, I need you to proofread these ten documents, redline all version twos against version threes and send back to me, and this time, make sure you justify every paragraph. I need you to stay late tonight to put exhibits together for a closing tomorrow.  Is that binder done yet?

 Ann [calls husband]: I have to work late again tonight, please get the kids ready for bed. (then, to Gill): are you going to the Baltimore City young lawyers holiday party?  Sounds like it will be nice. They are doing a toy drive also. Should I RSVP yes?

Gill: Are you kidding? Don’t you do my time sheets? Does it seem like I have any free time these days to go hang around with other lawyers? And why would I want to hang around my peers? I’ll go to events where partners will attend. I am not going to benefit from these people. It’s bad enough that I have to forgo billing hours to attend this firm’s lame holiday party- definitely NO.

[It is almost midnight and the firm is near empty. Senior associate is still working at his desk, questioning his choice of pursuing a law degree and resenting anything having to do with holiday festivities.]

Gill: (out loud to himself): Are you serious SDAT?! How can you be down right now? I need to check if this LLC still exists!  He puts his head down on his desk in desperation.

[The lights begin to flicker and the firm’s intercom starts to go off: Giiilllllllll…..Giiilllllll dial extension 2236]

Gill: What? Who is there? What is going on?

[Trembling, he picks up his phone and dials the numbers. While doing so the ghost of Roger Podacter, founding partner of the firm, comes through the door. Gill recognizes him from the picture in the firm’s foyer.]

A ghostly visit Gill: No! How is this possible! This isn’t happening.

Roger: You don’t believe in me? Why do you doubt your senses?

Gill: Because little things affect them. A slight disorder of the stomach… too much Red Bull and too much sugar from all of the donuts I hoarded from the Lexis meeting.

[Roger takes a gavel from his pocket and bangs it on Gill’s desk.]

Gill: What is going on? What is this, some kind of twist on Dickens’ Christmas Carol? Where are your chains? You are remembered for being a giving person, not like a Jacob Marley?

Roger:  Very good, Gill.  You are a smart one. Managing partner is doing a good job with hiring.  I am here not because I am damned, but because I have observed your behavior and want you to avoid making some critical mistakes with your career. You are heading down the wrong path with your attitude.  I am letting you know that you will be visited by three spirits. Expect the first one tomorrow, the second on the next night at the same hour and the third upon the next night at midnight. I know you will be here working anyways.

[Roger vanishes. Gill packs up his belongings and leaves for the night.]

Act II will be published December 23, 2013.

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  1. Can’t wait for act 2!