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Every day, in every way, it’s getting better

Maryland’s health care insurance exchange may have gotten off to a more than slightly rocky start but Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown believes the site is improving almost daily.

Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown

Brown made his remarks during a news conference updating the media on improvements to the site. Since it opened Oct. 1, the site has been beset by problems similar to the federal health care insurance exchange site and has registered just 5,179 people for insurance.

Brown called the site “a big mess” but offered little in the way of specific fixes or timelines. [Subscriber access]

The lieutenant governor, who is in charge of the state’s health care insurance effort, and other state officials also were cautious not to continue to link the site to the goal of signing up 150,000 people for insurance by the end of March.

Instead, Brown spoke in generalities about the state’s effort to right the site.

“Every day we get better at identifying the problems and the solution set so that we can ensure more Marylanders can get insurance through the exchange or directly through a carrier,” Brown said.

The statement was reminiscent of Herbert Lom’s homicidal Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus character from the Pink Panther movies.

What could possibly go wrong?



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