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Scam involving AG’s office a (phone) numbers game

We regularly receive press releases from attorney general’s office warning us of various scams and frauds being perpetuated on the good citizens of Maryland.

telephoneBut a press release sent Friday morning was unusual because of the unwitting pawn in a “caller ID spoofing” scheme — the attorney general’s office.

In this scam, the scammers mask the number they are calling from. If you try to call back the number or retrieve it through caller ID, you are directed to the Attorney General’s Mediation Unit Hotline.

“This scam is particularly deceitful and hits too close to home as our office would never call consumers and ask for their bank account information,” Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler said in a statement.

Separately, the release noted several consumers have reported receiving calls from a debt collector claiming to be calling on behalf of the AG’s office.

“This, too, is a scam,” the press release states, “as the Attorney General’s office does not employ any debt collectors, and does not solicit consumers.”