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O’Malley ‘little more than a footnote’ in Iowa (access required)

A political strategist tells the paper "you could make up names, and they would have roughly the same favorable/unfavorable scores" as the Maryland governor.

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  1. I live in The People’s Republic of Maryland and I can fill you in on the socialist Martin O’Malley. We call him Owemalley in this state because he’s raised taxes so much he’s breaking the backs of the middle class to pay for all his free handouts he uses to buy votes. Ever hear of a Rain Tax? The citizens of Maryland pay a tax every time it rains. The Rain Tax is one of Owemalley’s ideas. Owemalley despises guns and has trampled on the 2nd Amendment rights of the citizens of Maryland, the same Amendment he swore to uphold and to protect. This guy is a traitor in the worst way. If We The People of Maryland could only ship this socialist Leprechaun and all his taxes back to the other side of the rainbow. All of Maryland would prosper.