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Christmas on a sundae

Chinese Food and a MovieAccording to multiple sources, this Wednesday, Dec. 25, is Christmas.

Now, I enjoy the holiday season as much as the next person, what with everyone in a festive mood and the new Apple commercial that, for some reason, made the room get a little dusty the first time I saw it.

Alas, the holiday merriment only goes so far when you’re Jewish. Christmas equals Chinese food and nothing to watch on television.

But before I could start channeling my inner-Kyle Broflovski this year, I was alerted to an important development in being a Jew on Christmas — a Hampden ice cream shop has developed an ice cream flavor just for us for the holidays.

The Charmery is now offering “Chinese Food and a Movie,” which it describes in a press release as a “buttered popcorn base with chocolate covered fortune cookie pieces throughout.”

To be honest, I’m not sure about that flavor combination but I will reserve judgment until I taste it. Best of all, I could try it Christmas Eve or Christmas Day because The Charmery is open both days.

Here’s hoping they really help out us Jews and come up with a special flavor for Yom Kippur.

(Photo courtesy of The Charmery)