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Anderson ‘amazed at how many Mexicans’ working on city school (access required)

Del. Curt Anderson is coming under fire by a conservative blogger for comments made about the race of workers at a city school he recently toured.


  1. Patrick Henderson

    I agree with Mr. Anderson on this pervasive matter concerning the nationalities of workers on Baltimore City construction sites. I have walked up to sites & asked why there were no African Americans working, the Forman is black but the workers are generally 99% Hispanic. African American are 65% of Baltimore city population, why is there not more of them working on these sites? Maybe it was the edict from Mayor Rawlings-Blake to the Baltimore Police Dept, “do not stop & frisk Hispanics.” When I approached the work sites this past summer, not one of the Hispanic workers could speak English, only the supervisor. Black people needs jobs too, we pay taxes so u would think we could at least find a decent job in our city, but as Del. Anderson has noted, & I agree with him, where are the African Americans? This was not a racially insensitive question, it is a question that needs to be addressed and remedied.

  2. It’s Foreman (person in charge of a job) Forman as in Forman Mills is an outlet for cheap clothing manufactured in Bangladesh and Cambodia. The Contractors hire Hispanics because they believe they are harder working than African-Americans. Change the perception by convincing Contractors that Hispanics are lazy or that African Americans are not, before you can expect to see any significant difference. Stereotypes did hard, Mexicans used to be depicted as lazy by Hollywood, wearing sombreros and taking Siesta’s so I guess the Hispanics overcame that. Can you name a single Hip-Hop song which includes hard work in it’s lyrics?

  3. It should be illegal to hire anyone undocumented to work on a public funded project.How do we know these peoples backgrounds.It is about pocketing money and that’s it .Who are the illegal workers going to complain to if they are being taken advantage of.The politicians especially the black ones have and continue to drop the ball.This is a people problem not just a black problem.

  4. Well, Well. You all are starting to sound like the TEA PARTY People. Illegal workers, Hispanics, Latinos, Mexicans, its all the same thing. Cheep labor! For the last 20 years they been holding down the every ones wages. Who can we go to, to fix this? This is a one party state! The politicians, black and white have been pocketing the money from BIG Business with the backing of BIG Labor, to look the other way. If you do not thing so remember this is not a Right to Work State. Those men were working on a State Project, which means that they have to be paying dues to a trade unions. Sooo you people keep voting for them and you got what you voted for.

  5. I agree that the clean up need to start with the elected officials.Greed is killing us all!