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College football’s money teams

terpsIn college football, it’s all about the pursuit of being No. 1. That’s what Auburn and Florida State are playing for Monday night in the BCS National Championship Game.

But there is more than one way of ranking college football teams, and we’re not just talking about the difference between the Associated Press media poll and the USA Today coaches poll. There is also the Brewer rankings.

Ryan Brewer, an assistant professor of finance at Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus, has devised a formula to determine the financial value of college football teams. In his rankings, the University of Texas is No. 1, worth $875.0 million, followed by Notre Dame at $811.5 million. (Auburn is ninth, Florida State 22nd.)

As in those other rankings, the University of Maryland also has a bit of a way to go in the Brewer list. UM football comes in at No. 64, valued at $25.8 million. Maryland’s new conference home starting in the fall, the Big Ten, places six teams in the top 30, led by Ohio State at No. 4, with $674.8 million.

H/T The Wall Street Journal