Enjoy the passenger seat for now

While the offer of partnership is a major honor in the legal profession, significant responsibility accompanies the title.


  1. You have a very smart Dad! Many partners of law firms today were law students and/or associates together. Their memories of the earlier days, both good and bad, serve as the foundation for the lawyers they are today. You are right. It’s good to enjoy the ride as you plan for the future — and take it from someone who has traveled your path, your future is closer than you think.

  2. My advice? Don’t make partner. Use your years as an associate at a firm to develop contacts and a base of business, leave, either set up your own shop or negotiate a favorable arrangement with a competing firm. Law firms have been screwing associates, non-equity partners and counsel over for years to maximize PPP without investing in legitimate (non-lateral) growth. Fifty percent of the firms in existence right now won’t be in five or ten years, and it’s the young partners who’ll be on the hook for the worst of it when they collapse under their own weight. Just don’t do it.

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