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‘Mexican’ comments were ‘a poor choice of words’

Bryan P. Sears//January 7, 2014

‘Mexican’ comments were ‘a poor choice of words’

By Bryan P. Sears

//January 7, 2014

Del. Curt Anderson Tuesday said he erred when he spoke about the race of workers at a Baltimore City school.

Del. Curt Anderson
Del. Curt Anderson

“It was a poor choice of words. Let’s just leave it at that,” Anderson said in response to comments he made three days earlier during a League of Women Voters legislative breakfast.

During that discussion, Anderson told the audience about touring a new K-8 school that was scheduled to open on January 6 in Waverly.

“I was amazed at how many Mexicans they have working on that school,” Anderson said. “Should be more African-American and minority contractors but still.”

The comments were recorded by Dennis McIver for the blog.

Anderson, speaking on Tuesday, said the comments were born out of frustration over what he said were unrealized expectations about who would receive contracts to build the new schools.

‘I always hoped that when we passed money to build new schools in that city that it would make it to African-American and other minority business enterprises,” Anderson said. “It was not a slur against Mexicans but more my frustration that they didn’t hire African-Americans for the job.”


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