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Busch: Dwyer ‘lost his privilege’

House Speaker Michael E. Busch Thursday said the decision to remove Del. Don Dwyer from the House Ways and Means Committee was prompted by the Anne Arundel County Republican’s two DUI-related convictions and a jail sentence Dwyer continues to serve on weekends during the session.

Michael Busch

Speaker Michael Busch addresses the delegation on the opening day of the General Assembly in Annapolis, Md. on Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2014. (The Daily Record/Maximilian Franz)

“It was basically reflective of the fact that we’re all lawmakers here and we should have a higher standard,” Busch said in an interview with The Daily Record.

Busch called Dwyer “a two time offender” and expressed disappointment that Dwyer would return to General Assembly after being sentenced late last year.

“I think the appropriate thing for him to do was to resign, reflect and get his life back together,” Busch said.

Of the decision to remove Dwyer from the Ways and Means Committee, Busch said: “It was my call.”

This is the second time in about a year that Dwyer has been removed from his assignment. Last year, following his alcohol-involved boating accident, Busch re-assigned Dwyer from the House Judiciary Committee, which sets laws and punishments for alcohol-related crimes, Busch said.

Dwyer is the only member of the House or Senate not to have a committee assignment. Busch said Dwyer has “other constitutional responsibilities” he still obligated to perform while in office.

“It’s a privilege to serve on a committee, not a guarantee,” Busch said. “[Dwyer] lost that privilege.”



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