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Enrollment back to a trickle

Enrollment back to a trickle

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The number of new enrollments on Maryland Health Connection declined over the past week “as expected,” officials said in their Friday enrollment report.

Health CareThe report said 20,358 Marylanders had enrolled in private health plans via the exchange as of Jan. 4. That’s a weekly increase of 2,101.

As of Dec. 28, a total of 18,257 Marylanders had enrolled in a private health plan from the exchange, a jump of 6,542 people since Dec. 21.

As for Medicaid, 50,522 people had been found eligible for a medical assistance program as of Jan. 4, but as of Jan. 6, only 26,500 of those people had actually been enrolled.

To make up for the shoddy performance of the website during the first few months of open enrollment, Gov. Martin O’Malley and Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown introduced legislation that would provide gap coverage for people who tried to sign up for insurance but were unable to do so.

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