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Publisher’s note: Welcome to our new website

For 125 years, The Daily Record has delivered essential, timely and accurate business and legal news.

Suzanne Fischer-Huettner

Suzanne Fischer-Huettner

I’ve been a part of The Daily Record for 18 of those years and have seen the way we deliver news evolve over time.

For years, the news was provided the day after it happened in print. Our reporters would work all day to make an evening deadline, so their content would appear in the next day’s paper. Those days are gone, and the manner in which we deliver the news is changing. From adopting a web-first strategy — breaking the news you need to know now online — to sharing important developments through social media and email alerts, The Daily Record delivers.

Often we will break the news online but provide in-depth reporting with charts and analysis in the next day’s paper and online. Our reporters are on the pulse of Maryland business and law and are the go-to source for news.

Our team of 18 in our editorial department produces a daily newspaper (Monday through Friday), web-first online content, five blogs, more than 30 special products, social media content and targeted newsletters to meet your needs. You can read the news in print, online, on your mobile device, in a morning email alert, through breaking news alerts and by text messages delivered to your cell phone. We know you need the best resources possible to run your business, represent your clients and grow your bottom line. The Daily Record is committed to being your source for local news — at work, at home and, now, on the go.

Our staff has been working for many months on a website redesign you will get to experience for the first time now. The industry term to describe the change you will experience is responsive design, but what this means to you is a better experience with With our new responsive design, elements of the website will shrink, grow, move and modify depending on the technology of each user. In short you will have the same experience across multiple platforms, including your smartphone, tablet and computer.

We challenge you to access our news digitally and from your mobile device. I promise your experience will be as good as when you are sitting at your computer screen — and in some cases, better. This is important because our readers are powerful executives who do not have time to sit at their desks and read the news. They need to be able to access the news the way they want, where they want and when they want.

Today we deliver on that promise.

The Daily Record’s digital manager, Matthew Standerfer, who has been leading the transition to responsive design, describes the change like this: “At the heart of this redesign is user experience. From a smartphone or tablet, our readers get better access to our reporters and bloggers. This launch is important not because of anything cosmetic, but because The Daily Record has more versatility for digital production. The site has a stronger foundation, so we can start to develop some of the content we’ve had in the works.”

Some other features on our new website that I know you will be interested in are a clean layout with the latest news at the top, informative business and legal blogs front and center and content split by our core beats of government, real estate, health care, general business, trial courts, appellate courts, family law and the business of law. You can now go directly to the news you need to run your business. You can also access all of our special products easily, plan business events for the week through our calendar, follow promotions through Movers & Shakers and nominate outstanding individuals or businesses for our eight professionally produced awards events. The Daily Record is committed to being present in the community, so we are committed to introducing you to influential Marylanders, movers and shakers and up-and-coming leaders.

You also will notice improvements when you access public notices. Information is now grouped by location and organized on an interactive map by county. It is easier for readers to search by type of notice and to group notices together based on the dates they were filed, their ZIP code or any number of other criteria.

As a subscriber to The Daily Record you receive full access to all of this information and our archives.

We want our design to reflect the spirit of internal innovation at The Daily Record. Our history is replete with such improvements. What we keep constant — and what keeps us vital — is a tireless drive to better serve our readers. And we will — by bolstering our coverage, anticipating information needs and every day delivering on our 125-year promise to Maryland.

The changes will not stop here; our goal is to exceed your expectations.

So reach out, tell me what you think and help us create products to help run your business by emailing me at [email protected]


Suzanne Fischer-Huettner


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  1. Suzanne and DR company,
    Congrats on the new web site. It does read well, flows, and is easily accessible. Keep it rollin’ Zack