Purell’s unsanitized Super Bowl tweet

SImagine if during Sunday night’s Super Bowl, someone at McCormick or Under Armour decided to send out a tweet about how the Denver Broncos were playing as badly as the Baltimore Ravens did in their last couple of games of the season. That wouldn’t go over too well, would it?

So you know that Cleveland Browns fans weren’t too happy to see this tweet from Purell, the hand sanitizer manufacturer from Akron, Ohio, toward the end of the game: “The #Broncos could use a @PURELL refresh moment, because right now they look like the Cleveland Browns.”

The tweet was pulled, and Purell tweeted an apology within a few hours, saying it was “investigating the source” and promising “appropriate action.”

One Twitter commenter responded: “@Purell Too late… The damage has been done. Now wash your mouth out with Purell. #Browns.”

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