A salty situation

The city is tossing around millions of dollars and lots of it is going right down the drain.

Salt piles

Heavy machinery operators load road salt into distribution trucks at a holding facility along South Clinton Street in East Baltimore. (The Daily Record/Maximilian Franz)

The storm drain, that is. The rest is getting crushed under our boots and wiped at our doorsteps.

We’re talking about salt, people, and it’s a serious conversation this year.

The city has spent $8.1 million since October 2011 for road salt to be scattered over city streets to help melt snow and ice.

The original contract in 2011 was for $6.1 million, but at Wednesday’s Board of Estimates meeting, the city approved an increase of $2 million due to the heavier-than-anticipated snowfall recently.

The contractors are Eastern Salt Co. Inc. and International Salt Co. LLC.

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