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Health exchange enrollment bumps up

Enrollment in private health plans sold on Maryland Health Connection totaled 31,112 people, as of Feb. 8, state officials said Friday.

Health ConnectionAdditionally, 52,091 individuals became newly enrolled in Medicaid as of Feb. 11, with coverage retroactive back to the first of the year. Thousands more have been flagged as eligible and are awaiting an official determination of their eligibility before they will be enrolled.

Another 95,889 people were automatically enrolled in Medicaid on Jan. 1 because they were enrolled in Primary Adult Care (PAC), a minimal-coverage state insurance program.

Friday’s report from the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange also included monthly data from federal officials. The federal information (which is through Feb. 1) includes an age breakdown of enrollees, which kinds of plans have been most popular and other details.

The most-represented age group among Marylanders who purchased private health plans is the 55-64 age group (with 7,705) followed by the 45-54 age group (with 6,803 people). Data from the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services also show that 56 percent of enrollees are female and that “silver level” plans have been the most common.