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Hacking is bad

There’s a recent, yet often quoted political saw that counsels politicians to never let a good crisis go to waste.

As so it is with Del. Jon S. Cardin and situation involving the hacked accounts of more than 300,000 people who attended the University of Maryland.

Del. Jon S. Cardin

Del. Jon S. Cardin speaking about his revenge porn bill at an Oct. 30, 2013 news conference at the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law in Baltimore. (The Daily Record/Bryan P. Sears)

Cardin, D-Baltimore County, issued a statement to let people know that hacking is bad and the state should do a better job protecting data.

“In less than an hour, sophisticated computer hackers executed a cyber attack on one of the most technologically secure institutions in the nation,” Cardin said in a statement. “309,000 social security numbers, birth dates and university ID numbers were stolen with the click of a mouse. Now, these students and former students will be vulnerable for years to come. Identity theft means years of credit monitoring, fighting to prove your identity and the likely loss of both time and money. If we are going to require students to give us sensitive information, we must do a better job keeping it secure.”

Cardin did not offer any ideas as to how the state might do a better job protecting the sensitive data.

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” ~ Rahm Emanuel, former chief of staff to President Barack Obama.

The delegate did, however, point out that the “internet is the new frontier in which criminals will take advantage of vulnerable people and institutions. In this rapidly changing world, we need to be proactive in combating internet security threats, hacking and other cyber crimes like revenge porn before our personal information is compromised, our businesses lose billions, or our online commerce and routine internet activities are brought to a standstill.”

Cardin is the sponsor of legislation regarding so-called revenge porn that would impose criminal penalties on the unauthorized posting of intimate photos and video on the internet.

One comment

  1. “Hacking” is unfortunate and criminal, but a ‘necessary evil.’ A ‘necessity’ in order to keep security administrators up with the ever changing environment. My daughter was one of the 309,000 affected by the breach, and she will have to take directed measures to care for that breach, but addressing this will make her situational awareness better served going forward.