‘No one asked’

A voting session on the bill establishing liability in cases of death and injury related to dog bites (subscriber access) was not live-streamed over the internet despite a rule change that would have allowed online access.

The Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee met Feb. 20, 2014 to vote on a bill sponsored by Sen. Brian E. Frosh, D-Montgomery and chairman of the committee.

Sen. Brian E. Frosh

Sen. Brian E. Frosh

While the meeting was open to the public, very few people attended the session. Two reporters sat in during a fairly intense debate over the bill between Frosh and Sen. Bobby Zirkin, D-Baltimore County.

In January, the Senate voted to adopt rules that allow committee chairmen to decide which voting sessions are live-streamed on the internet over the General Assembly’s website. The idea was that not every bill would make the cut but a select few with significant public interest would be broadcast.

That did not happen last Thursday with Frosh’s bill. A press account of the voting session does exist on Twitter.

Frosh, when asked about the lack of an live-stream of the debate (which creates an archived record the public can listen to on demand) he responded:

“I forgot,” Frosh said, referring to turning on the microphones when the bill came up for debate.

Frosh said he has a policy in committee that allows for legislators to request that a voting session debate be broadcast online.

“No one asked,” Frosh said.

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  1. He claims “I forgot”, people remember come election time that this clown wants to be Attorney General. Do you want to hear that type excuse when it comes to YOUR rights?

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