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Solesky to file for Baltimore County Executive race

UPDATED (10:35 a.m.)—A Towson man perhaps best known for his advocacy pertaining to changing the laws regarding dog bites and landlord liability said he plans to file as an unaffiliated candidate for Baltimore County Executive.

Tony Solesky, in an email, said he expects to file for the office by the end of the day Monday.

Tony Solesky, a Towson resident who has made his name fighting for a Court of Appeals ruling in which pit bulls were named an inherently dangerous breed, said he will file for Baltimore County Executive. (file photo Feb. 6, 2014, The Daily Record/Bryan P. Sears)

Tony Solesky, a Towson resident who has made his name fighting for a Court of Appeals ruling in which pit bulls were named an inherently dangerous breed, said he will file for Baltimore County Executive. (file photo Feb. 6, 2014, The Daily Record/Bryan P. Sears)

Solesky will need to do more than sign a few forms in order to get on the ballot. State law requires unaffiliated candidates to collect signatures from registered voters in order to secure their spot.

Katie Brown, elections director at the Baltimore County Board of Elections, said Solesky will need to collect the signatures of 3,779registered Baltimore County voters—one percent of the 377,854 voters as of Jan. 1, 2014— by August to be eligible for the General Election ballot.

Assuming he can collect the required signatures, Solesky would face incumbent County Executive Kevin B. Kamemetz, who so far is running unopposed in the Democratic primary. Kamenetz reported more than $1 million in cash on hand as of the most recent report filed in January.

On the Republican side, former Baltimore County Republican Central Committee Chairman Tony Campbell, of Towson, and Gregory J. Prush, a Pikesville resident, have registered to run.

Campbell did not have an active campaign account as of Monday morning, according to the Maryland State Board of Elections website.

Prush filed an affidavit with the board of elections stating he intends to not raise or spend money in the cumulative amount of $1,000.

Solesky is the father of Dominic Solesky, who was mauled by a pit bull named Clifford while playing with friends in an alley near his east Towson home.

The dog tore away the boy’s upper thigh, severing his femoral artery and leaving him near death.

The attack lead to a case before the Maryland Court of Appeals in which the court ruled that pit bulls were an inherently dangerous breed of dog and that landlords could be held liable for those dogs living on their properties.

That ruling lead to as yet unsuccessful legislative wrangling over the issue. A compromise bill sponsored by Sen. Brian E. Frosh is expected to be debated and voted on (subscriber access) by the full Senate as early as Wednesday.

Solesky is a former neighborhood association president and vice president serving on the board of directors at the Red Eye Yacht Club on the Middle River, according to the biography sent with his statement.

He is also a member of the United States Power Squadron, Dundalk, MD District 5. He is currently serving as a member promoting boater safety through education and awareness. Solesky also holds a USCG Charter Captain’s license.


  1. Solesky is inherently dangerous

    He conveniently leaves out the important fact that his son was taunting and repeating throwing rocks at the dog who attacked him (and dogs of any breed may react this way when they are being tortured). Perhaps Solesky could use the time he’d spend running for office teaching his child compassion for other living beings. He made a post on Facebook about how, if the “inherently dangerous” pit bull ruling is overturned, he would go take dogs out of the shelter and then get them all put to sleep (or kill them himself)–either way, you get the point. This man is a monster. By the way, if pit bulls were really inherently dangerous, wouldn’t the thousands of families with pitties in this area be dead by now?

  2. SoleskydoesNOTrepresentME

    So, Mr. Solesky’s resume consists of being a house painter, being a member of a yacht club, and causing countless families in Maryland to have to choose between their canine companions and a roof over their heads? No thank you. That resume is not acceptable. 3000+ signatures is a LOT to collect. I am assuming, out of the principle of the matter, that Solesky will not expect/nor ask anybody who owns a *pit bull type* of dog to sign for him? Right?

  3. Solesky is an opportunist who has managed to cause the unnecessary killing of mass numbers of pit bull dogs. He wanted money and when he couldn’t get it, he was able to get an over reaching law passed that targeted innocent dogs–dogs that had nothing to do with his son’s injuries. Any dog could have caused those injuries. He targeted the pit bulls because he is not a reasonable man. God help Baltimore County if he wins. He does not understand what it means to be reasonable and logical. One injury to him equals all pit bull dogs being dangerous. He never thought about ramifications and the ripple effect. That’s bad for a leader.

  4. Fortunately the author of this article Bryan Sears, is the first person I ever spoke to right after Dominic and his friend Scotty Mason were attacked and mauled. He has done more follow up and stayed more current on the story then anyone in Maryland. You should ask him what happened. With regard to Pit bulls, I absolutely support banning them, they are domestic dogs, not domestic pets. I believe all Pit bulls that are taken into shelters should be humanely euthanized, just as they are anywhere they are regulated or banned. They should not re-homed as pets. I believe all other Pit bulls with homes currently in Baltimore County should be grandfathered in and muzzled when in public and in dog parks. If I am elected to office, I will promote policies that follow this line of thinking and move on to the many other issues in our county that require concise decision taking as well.

    Tony Solesky

  5. I am sorry that you have had to use the credentials of a journalist in order to validate your point and your political position, but that is not the first time that you have done that, now is it? No, we will not be asking him what happened, especially pertaining to your son’s attack. He wasn’t there and you weren’t there either. I think your big question is “If I am elected to office.”

  6. I am not a resident of Baltimore county, but I have friends that are and I spend nearly a week on vacation every August in the Inner Harbor district. I am very aware of Mr. Solesky’s true character and what he stands for, as well as the suffering his actions have caused many families in Maryland.

    Mr. Solesky believes any dog with a short coat, muscular build, and/or short muzzle should be given an automatic death sentence. He has expressed pride for being personally responsible for an untold number of Maryland citizens being evicted from their homes or forced to surrender their beloved pets to shelters. He is proud of thousands of dogs dying, and wishes for more deaths to occur. He probably will not discuss in his campaign efforts that he belongs to the facebook group “Global Dirt Nap Day” dedicated to killing dogs. He has expressed support for animal cruelty against dogs that may vaguely resemble the one that attacked his son several years ago.

    But Mr. Solesky will probably not discuss the facts of his own case. The dog involved was a victim of Animal Cruelty, confined in inhumane condition and isolated from positive human contact. Local children, including Mr. Solesky’s own son, admitted to teasing the dog and even throwing rocks at it. This was no mystery how that tragic attack happened, it was a direct result of human error: an abusive owner, neighbors that turned a blind eye to cruelty, and children that treated a suffering animal with malice.

    Now Mr. Solesky wants to punish as many people as possible. With any luck, the local media will not ignore the evidence multiple sources are prepared to provide of Mr. Solesky and his advocacy for cruelty against both humans and animals.

  7. Do not throw rocks at dogs. Do not deny your witch-hunt that started when your kid was harassing dogs.

  8. Tony Solesky is quite delusional if he thinks that he is even remotely qualified to hold public office. One of the very first things that he says in his poorly written e-book, while talking about his wife being the breadwinner in their family, is “I was the one that didn’t care for any kind of work…. I would quit or get fired from just about all my jobs…” Not exactly lighting the world on fire, are we?

    He is also not very politically savvy, as he has done an excellent job of insulting and alienating most of his potential constituency. His book makes it very clear that he holds nothing but disdain for those lowly people who rent instead of own their homes (ewww, renters). Surely that won’t sit well with the 32% of the electorate in Baltimore County who do not own their home. Don’t feel too bad renters. You have plenty of company. There is a group of people that Solesky disapproves of more than renters. He seems to really have a problem with people who rescue animals. We all know the sinister kind of people he is talking about when he says in his e-book, “… these rescue ambassadors and disciples tend to be single, young, childless couples, widowers, widows or empty nesters.”

    Although, it is kind of redundant to say that he doesn’t like animal rescuers AND renters, because according to Solesky (the guy that doesn’t like working) “[t]he vast majority [of animal rescuers] in my immediate neighborhood also do not own their residence. As my children have taught me, the drug education term gateway drugs, I have come to refer to rental homes as gateway houses.” He doesn’t specify to what rental homes are a gateway, but we can only imagine. The renters move in and then next thing you know you have urban farming, a brothel, a crack house and a homeless tent camp all on the same block. But I digress. Essentially he is limiting his voting base to the only group of people who are worthwhile in his opinion; married, home owning couples with children. That’s got to be a whole 25-30% of the county at least. Unless, some of those married, home owning couples with children have gone over to the dark side and opened their homes to a pit bull. That would really throw a wrench into his political aspirations. Why can’t they just conform better to his stereotypes and get a respectable dog, like a poodle or a wiener dog? Anything but a pit bull! Well, probably not a Brittany Spaniel either, since Solesky admits that his Brittany has a tendency to jump on and scratch visitors.

    I’m sure that none of these potential faux-pas will cause Solesky much worry as he continues his campaign to be important, I mean his campaign to save the world from renters and blood-thirsty dogs. According to him, all those animal crazed single, barren, young and elderly folks need to “…be mindful that the non-pet owning public represents a vastly larger group.” According to him, unicorns are probably real too, but he might need to be mindful that 62% of U.S. households and 52.3% of Maryland households own at least 1 pet. Now I’m a Math teacher, and the last time I checked, 47.7% is not “vastly larger” than 52.3%. In his defense, maybe he got the > and < signs mixed up. My 10 year old students do that all the time! It's a tricky one.

    All of this brings me to a few conclusions. First, it's safe to say that Kevin Kamenetz can sleep soundly at night. Secondly, the staff at BARCS can also sleep soundly at night, because I'm a rebel and I am fully planning to break ranks with my respectable, non-single, home owning brethren this kitten season and rescue baby cats until there are none left to rescue and adopt another giant dog that nobody else wants. As far as I'm concerned, it's not a dog unless it can be mistaken for a small pony. And last but certainly not least, I bet some dogs wearing those little vests with pockets could get a ton of donations for an Anyone But Solesky PAC.

  9. Soleskydoesnotrepresentmyfamily

    As a victim of a brutal attack of a pit bull I am against everything Solesky and his mentality. What happened to me was a horrific accident that happened with two dogs and those pit bull mixes where delt with. I would never blame anyone else’s dog for the action of another. I am against any form of BSL and I am against Solesky.

  10. I will do EVERYTHING in my power to see this monster does not see political office.

  11. As a victim of a Pit bull attack, which ultimately cost me the life of a sweet shy leashed hound, and having watched her suffer, has undeniably caused the last 20 years of my life to be tortured. The Pit bull that did this was never abused. He was well loved by a female nurse, attended training classes at ASPCA, neutered, AND being well socialized, he played with other dogs in the park for 8 years, UNTIL the fateful day that he ran across the park & attacked, ripping the leash from my hands. We never even saw him coming.

    Since then I have had to fend off other Pit bull attacks, even having to save my own life. I keep my eyes open and carry protection. The strongest protection I have, is the knowledge that NO PIT BULL CAN BE TRUSTED, no matter how sweet, no matter how ‘well raised’. I’ve been down that road already. The stress from this awareness is insufferable, but necessary to be able to walk with my (current) sweet hound.

    I have watched, via social media, endless Pit bull victim postings. … and endless insults from Pit bull owners. No one who reads the case studies of Pit bull victims can deny that Pit bulls are not reliably domesticated pets.


  12. Your kid threw rocks at a dog really it must have came from his upbring. Teach your children to respect all living this. Would it ve ok for your son to throw rocks at a baby. No it wrong and your son won’t get euthanized for doing that. It would not make it to court. Pit bulls are wonderful pets will always have there back