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A list of reporters who were credentialed by state government was released late Friday afternoon by the governor’s office.

The list of 113 individuals, along with their media affiliations, was released after a request was filed by The Daily Record earlier this week.

Maryland State House

Maryland State House

Nina Smith, a spokeswoman for Gov. Martin J. O’Malley, initially said she was “not sure that is public.”

On Friday, Smith said there were concerns about releasing private information including dates of birth and social security numbers. The Daily Record did not request personal information and the Maryland Public Information Act requires that personal information such as social security numbers be redacted from requested documents.

Additionally, Smith said she attempted to release the information by email Thursday. She produced a time-stamped email but none was received by The Daily Record nor was it captured by spam filters.

The information was requested in the wake of new rules imposed by the state requiring reporters to re-apply for credentials and submit to criminal background checks. The new rules were a step down from proposed guidelines intended to restrict identifications to a handful of reporters who cover the State House year-round as a way to prevent bloggers from having access to elected officials during an election year.

As of this week, the state has received 335 requests for credentials after the new rules were imposed. Of those, 257 background checks have been processed and another 78 are in the process.

The state has issued 113 credentials and has denied none, so far, according to Smith.

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