Mayor messes with reporters confirming re-election story

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake had a little fun with reporters trying to confirm The Daily Record’s story that she will be seeking re-election in 2016.

During her regular Wednesday question and answer session with reporters, Mark Reutter, of Baltimore Brew, asked the mayor if she would like to elaborate on her decision to run for another term as Baltimore’s mayor.

Mayor: “Not really.”

Reutter: “But you would confirm that you are seeking?”

Mayor: “You are extremely literate. I’m sure that you read the article.”

Reutter then pressed the mayor as to whether the story was accurate. In response she pointed to The Daily Record reporter in attendance and asked if the story was accurate, which was confirmed.

At which point The Sun’s Luke Broadwater asked about her intentions to serve long term as mayor.

In response the mayor made a face and said in a “creepy” voice that she wanted to serve as mayor “forever.”

An audio excerpt of the exchange is included above.