Court of Appeals 2014
Court of Appeals 2014

Court of Appeals places all pending cases on its website

EGAD: Site will include Every case Granted, Argued and Decided

Maryland’s top court has made it easier for the public to track appeals the judges have agreed to hear.

The Court of Appeals has added a “pending cases” link to its website that, when clicked, displays the case number, the term year in which the appeal was filed, the names of the petitioner and respondent, the date the court agreed to hear the case, the date of oral arguments, the date the opinion was filed and the questions presented on appeal.

The court will post the case on its site the day the judges agree to hear the appeal and remove it when the court issues its mandate in the case. The mandate is generally issued 30 days after the court files its decision.

Chief Judge Mary Ellen Barbera called for the link to be added to the website as part of her “mission to be open and transparent,” spokesperson Terri Bolling stated in an email.

The new site, “Cases Pending before the Court of Appeals,” will also enable the public to see if Barbera keeps her pledge that the high court will issue an opinion no later than the Aug. 31 after the judges have heard an appeal.




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