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Celebrity March Madness

One Baltimore lawyer is taking the season of bracketing to a new level.

Attorney Ronald J. Drescher of Drescher & Associates, P.A has created a bracket of celebrities who have been in debt in honor of NCAA March Madness basketball tournament.

Each day two pairs “face off” against each other (one on Drescher’s blog, another pair on his YouTube Channel).

In the celebrity “battles” Drescher, a bankruptcy and commercial litigation attorney, weighs each celebrity’s popularity (as determined by how many results they have on Google), amount of debt and the public interest of each person as determined by a panel of other attorneys. Eventually, one moves on to the next level of the bracket.

In the first round this week, President Abraham Lincoln faced off against baseball player Denny McLain (Lincoln won) and former figure skater Dorothy Hamill contended with President James Madison (Madison won).

Other match-ups to look forward to include MC Hammer v. Burt Reynolds (or as I like to think of it, The Pants v. The Mustache), Charles Ponzi v. Anna Nicole Smith (one schemes through investments, the other through marriage) and Thomas Jefferson v. Walt Disney (looks like someone could have used three wishes from a genie or at least a magical wishing well).

In the final rounds of the bracket, Drescher plans to determine the winners through public polling.


  1. What a great idea! I’d like to see a Charles Ponzi v. Bernie Madoff final. One for the ages!

  2. Byron, thanks for your interest, it’s possible that Ponzi and Madoff will meet in the final. If you haven’t already, you should check out the Lenny Dykstra vs. Thomas Jefferson 2nd round match that went down to the wire at


    Jefferson not getting nearly the respect you’d think he deserves…