Councilman says he knows possible Westport buyer

Councilman Carl Stokes knows someone interested in purchasing the Westport property.

Carl Stokes (Maximilian Franz/ The Daily Record)

Carl Stokes (The Daily Record/Maximilian Franz)

He just won’t tell you who it is.

The site of the failed Westport Waterfront mixed-use development was scheduled to be auctioned Friday on the steps of the Clarence M. Mitchell III Courthouse, but the sale was canceled when an involuntary bankruptcy motion was filed.

After Stokes found out the auction was canceled, he spoke with a couple of employees from EA Engineering, Science and Technology in attendance. The employees said they did some work on the project and were curious about who may buy the property.

Stokes then told the men he wasn’t “shilling” for anyone, but that he knew someone with “big time” finances that is interested in buying the property. The councilman, who is chairman of the Taxation, Finance and Economic Development Committee, added that he would like to see a something get done on the site.

But when a reporter asked Stokes if he would discuss who the interested party was Stokes let out a loud laugh, said “no” and walked across Calvert Street toward City Hall.

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