The McCormick World of Flavors store is shown in the Light Street Pavilion in Baltimore, Md. on Tuesday Jan. 28, 2014. (The Daily Record/Maximilian Franz)

On the ups: meat prices, mercury and MKC

We already reported that McCormick & Co. Inc. beat expectations during its earnings report yesterday, leading to a jump in share price of nearly 5.5 percent.

But the Maryland spice maker dropped a few other interesting facts during Q & A with investors yesterday.

1. McCormick thinks that an increase in meat prices should not negatively impact summer sales.

CEO Alan Wilson said McCormick has seasonings for all sorts of meat varieties, so sales should be OK, “even if the consumer starts trading from filets to cheaper cuts of meat, or even to burgers.”

2. The company is looking forward to summer.

Wilson said an improvement in the weather could impact McCormick more than an increase in meat prices would, but in a positive way. After all, what good is a barbecue with deliciously seasoned burgers if it’s cold outside?

3. They don’t see a Safeway/Albertsons merger as having a big impact on McCormick.

Wilson said that the company has a strong relationship with both stores. “As long as they’re driving to win in the marketplace, we think that’s good for us,” he said.

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