Keep those Legos coming (and going)

LIf you have young children in your home, you probably have Legos, too. Lots of Legos. All over the place. And invariably, you will step on one of the blocks when you’re walking around in your bare feet.

Now there is a company offering the chance to keep your kids in fresh sets of Legos without giving your house Lego overload. It’s called Pley.com, and the simple concept is this: It rents Lego sets.

You order a set, and it’s delivered to you. When the kids are done putting together the house, truck, helicopter, pirate ship, Arc de Triomphe, Collossus of Rhodes or hiring the villains scene from “Blazing Saddles” — click on the links and you’ll see that someone actually has built all of those — you scoop up the pieces and mail them back to Pley.com. Order a new set and the process starts all over again.

The business has been called “Netflix for Lego” — if you can remember when Netflix’s business was based on delivering DVDs.

And to answer two big questions: Pley.com says it sanitizes the blocks before shipping them, and it won’t charge you if some pieces are missing.

Though you know you’ll find those missing pieces eventually. When you’re barefoot.

(Photo via AP)

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