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Young female lawyer fashion advice from an old male judge

I’ll give Judge Richard G. Kopf this — he responds to his critics.

Throughout the comments section of his latest blog post, the senior federal district court judge in Nebraska repeatedly writes, “I gave you offense, and that was not my intention. I am sorry.”

That he apologized repeatedly perhaps is not a surprise, given that the blog post is titled “On being an old dirty man and how young women lawyers dress.”

Kopf admits upfront that he has been “a dirty old man ever since [he] was a very young man.” He waxes on about a “brilliant lawyer in her late twenties,” concluding with the fact she “wears very short skirts and shows lots of her ample chest. I especially admired the last two attributes.”

Finally, he offers three rules for young women to follow when dressing for court:

1. You can’t win. Men are both pigs and prudes. Get over it.

2. It is not about you. That goes double when you are appearing in front of a jury.

3. Think about the female law clerks. If they are likely to label you, like Jane Curtin, an ignorant slut behind your back, tone it down.

Slate’s Amanda Hess has weighed in on Kopf’s commentary (“Women actually can ‘win’ as attorneys if men learn to view them outside of this pig-or-prude dichotomy.”)

What say you?

(And, to those who might be upset I blogged about this: I gave you offense, and that was not my intention. I am sorry.)