Map courtesy of: Develop_For
Map courtesy of: Develop_For

New Baltimore-owned vacant property map released

There’s a new map showing where Baltimore owned vacant housing is located in the city.

Will Carroll, principal at Develop_For, has released the latest map breaking down the locations of city owned vacant housing using data from Open Baltimore. The Southern Maryland resident said he first became fascinated with the issue when he was a student at Towson University.

“It was amazing to see just how many [vacant] buildings there were in each area, in each part of the city,” Carroll said.

He said he believes his map may be useful for real estate agents or developers, but that he doesn’t have a plan to make money on the project. Carroll said his goal was to produce a map residents could use to visualize how many city-owned vacant properties exist and where they’re located.

“This is something that may be of community service and help the people [who live in] Baltimore City understand their city more,” he said.

But Carroll isn’t the first person to map city-owned vacant property.

In fact,  Baltimore Vacants, Technically/Baltimore and even Open Baltimore have built maps showing city-owned vacant properties.

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