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O.C. wants you to recapture your vacation days

What are you using your vacation days for? Doctor’s appointments? Waiting on the cable guy? Standing in line at the MVA?

According to a survey commissioned by Ocean City, that’s what a bunch of us are doing with our paid time off. What should we be doing? The folks from the OCMD don’t spell it out, but let’s take a wild guess at their suggested alternatives: Appointment at the first tee on an Ocean City area golf course. Waiting on the guy on the next blanket to slather suntan lotion on your back. Standing in line for Thrasher’s fries.

Back to the survey. Among 2,000 Americans who responded: 45 percent use vacation time for medical visits, 34 percent for home repair, 28 percent for service appointments and 15 percent for business at the state motor vehicle agency.

“The American idea of a vacation day is in need of a serious makeover,” Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan said in a news release. “We discovered the public is using vacation days for unfortunate activities like doctor appointments or home improvement projects instead of leisure and fun.”

Ocean City will use the survey results in a new advertising campaign and also is offering a contest whose grand prize not only is a free week at an O.C. hotel, but also includes the services of “the Ocean City Vacation Day Crew” to clean your house, mow your grass and wash and detail your car while you dig your toes into the sand.

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