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By lululemon athletica (SSC Yoga with Eoin Finn) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Judge sees through sheer pants lawsuit

It was a sad day for overpriced yoga pant-wearing women everywhere when Lululemon Athletica Inc. sold them pants that revealed a little more than their perfect plank position.

The brand they worshiped just as much as their daily sun salutations had sold pants so sheer they had to be recalled.

And customers were not the only ones upset — shareholders filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming it was not transparent (pun intended) enough and hid the scandal from shareholders.

The shareholders argued the Vancouver-based company should have tested the pants before placing them on store shelves.

The Luon yoga pants were recalled in March 2013, a move that lost the company $2 billion in market value, according to a Reuters article.

A U.S. District Court judge in Manhattan issued a draft decision in the case Friday saying it should be dismissed.

“We are not yet at a point when an apparel company’s failure to employ testing by live models renders statements touting high quality false and misleading,” Judge Katherine Forrest wrote.

The final result, however, is not yet clear (OK, I swear that’s the last one), since Forrest will hold a hearing before making a formal decision.