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Kosher Wine
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

We’ll drink to that

Just in time for Passover comes news from the General Assembly that could make for good conversation around seder tables from Hagerstown to Salisbury.

For years, Jews in Maryland have had problems buying a variety of kosher wines at liquor stores in the state. Previous efforts in the General Assembly to expand access have failed. A bill introduced this year would have allowed Marylanders to purchase kosher wine from online retailers. But that bill has been withdrawn because a compromise has been reached to expand kosher wine offerings in the state by next year.

Del. Sam Arora, D-Montgomery and the bill’s sponsor, recently announced a deal between the Baltimore Jewish Council, the Maryland State License Beverage Association and the comptroller’s office to:

1. create an online database of all the kosher wines available in Maryland and where they are sold;

2. increase the number of kosher wines available in Maryland to 1,000 by next year; and

3. educate retailers on how they order kosher wine not listed in the database

Arora said a House subcommittee will review the group’s progress and “determine whether additional legislation is necessary.”

To any fellow Members of the Tribe who cannot wait any longer for their kosher wine, remember: Our ancestors spent 400 years as slaves in Egypt and 40 years wandering the desert. You can make it a few more months.