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No jokes, please

Scene: I’m sitting in over-sized chair surrounded by bookshelves filled with many, many leather-bound books. A fire crackles nearby. Soft piano music plays in the background.

Hi, I’m The Daily Record’s Danny Jacobs. You might remember me from such blog posts as “Young female lawyer fashion advice from an old male judge” and “The Baltimore lawyer who caused a scandal at Rosewood.” I’m here today with an important message about a subject near and dear to my heart.

For years now, I have been writing about lawyers, lawyering and all things related to members of the bar. And while sometimes I feel like I need a drink from a bar, I’ve learned an important lesson — lawyers are people, too.

Sure, we all have a favorite lawyer joke or seven. And, sure, stories about lawyers behaving badly are almost always the most-read articles on this site. And, sure, sometimes we hear about lawsuits that seem so silly it is hard to believe a lawyer represents the client with a straight face.

But society is built on the rule of law, and lawyers help ensure that everyone plays by the rules. Plus, without lawyers, we would have never met such wonderful people as Ben Matlock and Marshall Eriksen.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because today, April 8, is International Be Kind To Lawyers Day. It’s the one day each year when we take time out of our busy lives to thank all of the esquires in our life. After all, when we are in trouble, they are one of the first people we call.

So today, when you see a lawyer, tell him or her you are guilty — guilty of being appreciative for all that they do.

Thank you and see you around the courthouse.