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Smell ya later, BGE

Let’s give BGE its due. Has there ever been a catchier utility safety song that its “Wires Down” ditty? (You’re singing it right now, aren’t you? Wires down, red alert/Don’t go near, you’ll get hurt …)

On the heels of its school contest to produce a “Wires Down” video — see the winning effort by Immaculate Conception of Baltimore County here — BGE is launching another safety-related competition for schools. This one has to do with natural gas and is called “Who is Captain Mercaptan?”

From BGE’s news release: “Baltimore Gas and Electric Company invites all public and private elementary schools in its service area to work with their students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade to create an image of BGE’s new fictional natural gas safety hero, Captain Mercaptan, for the chance to win up to $10,000 to fund a school enrichment project. Each class can submit up to three drawings and one description of Captain Mercaptan’s backstory.”

To save you the effort of looking it up, mercaptan is the stuff that makes natural gas smell — because natural gas is odorless — so that we can detect leaks.

So the kids are supposed to draw a superhero who emits a foul smell. This should be good.